Keats Cream Cat Family

MOTHER Diana Keats is the village's real estate agent. in the last year she's been extremely busy, as demand for housing has shot up as more families move to the prosperous lands of Rut. To accommodate everyone, at least temporarily, she is encouraging a policy of house-sharing whilst plans are being drawn up for more developments.

SISTER Charlotte 'Lottie' Keats just left school this year and is now studying Journalism at the rural University of the Rutlands and Islands. Lottie was very ill for a few years (which Diana thinks is because she had to grow up too quickly after her father died), but she's a lot better now and she has great friends in Glen Fallow.

BABY SISTER May Keats and BABY BROTHER Eddie Keats are the closest twins around. They talk together, walk together and seem to know exactly what each other is thinking. They are never more than two paces apart.

Diana and her family live in a quaint little cottage on the Buckley estate.
Her husband - and father of May and Eddie - is a shipping trade manager, and is often away on business.

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  1. Rosetti LF sends his love to his sister, as well as an invitation to come and visit soon ;-) . And just in case you didnt see all the other posts ... I got the parcel!