Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ambulance: a review

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the village of Glen Fallow in a very long time was the arrival of the ambulance, a piece I have wanted for a very long time! You may remember the story of baby Adelaide's birth, which featured a very pregnant Victoria Springer being rushed through the village in a wheelchair by Thomas the paramedic. No more! Thomas is proud to unveil his shiny new vehicle, which is equipped with all the mod med cons!

Thomas was all set to find a volunteer to model some of the cool features for him, but fate volunteered Owen after yet another fall out a tree. Thomas managed to incapacitate his patient for long enough to grab a few cheeky shots before whizzing him to hospital (men's priorities do seem incredibly flexible when confronted with a new car).

As well as some simply mind-blowing miniature medical equipment (I could have done with the oxygen mask whilst unpacking all the teeny bits and bobs - simply too exciting) the ambulance has a really neat design that is great for play access. One whole side wall can be lifted to reveal the fully-fitted interior. The roof stands up by itself, which is a practical relief for photography.

Note the drip in the top right corner. This has it's own hook on the wall
so that it doesn't shift around when Thomas whizzes through the village.

The accessories didn't disappoint, which I had anticipated and was the main reason that I held off buying the ambulance until I found one new in box. Sadly the vehicle itself is a little sun-damaged on the exterior (you can see the yellow:white contrast between the ramp and the actual bus) due to being in a box (?) for a good ten years.

My favourite feature has to be a tie between the oxygen mask which Owen models above and the extendable ramp that allows the gurney to be securely placed in the ambulance. With both back doors open you can easily slide the bed in without removing the side wall, which makes for a realistic feel. The floor of the ambulance has grooves to ensure the bed doesn't go flying out the back when Thomas brakes suddenly at the hospital.

After admiring his new ambulance for a while, Thomas suddenly remembered the drugged young boy in the back, and hence this review is cut short.
Poor Owen.

Overall I am really pleased with the ambulance, not least because I've been eyeing it since it was first released, and I never imagined I'd get one. The retro feel of the number and the hanging bell (which I didn't get a picture of, I now realise) both add to the charm without feeling too ironic. As is usual for a Sylvanian product, even at the time of release it cost a fair amount, so lurk on eBay for a good while before you leap. It's a great addition to the General Hospital and is a brilliant example of what a Sylvanian vehicle should be.... *cough* Japanese sports car *cough*.


  1. What a lovely review! I also think the old fashioned style of the ambulance fits perfectly with Sylvanians. The oxygen mask is genius, too!

  2. You have written a great review/story. Your photos are excellent.

  3. You have written a great review/story. Your photos are excellent.