About Me

I'm a teenage collector of Sylvanian Families with a love of miniatures and a passion for creative writing!

As I'm in my final year of school, I don't have as much time as I would like to dedicate to this blog. However, keep checking back for reviews, stories and new family introductions, as this is an ever evolving world which I love to delve into and I hope you will enjoy sharing with me!

* * *

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions, I love to hear from other collectors from across the globe!
For members of the Sylvanian Families Forum, my username is Bryony Wildflower.


  1. Hey we have some things in common, I have always wanted to be homeschooled as well, and now I finally am. I also love cross country, long distance is more my style, track is too much pressure put on only a few minutes. ;)
    Your hamster is seriously adorable by the way. ^-^

    1. Wow we really do have a lot in common o.O Totally agree about track, at least in cross country if you have a bad start you can make up for it a bit, not so much in a sprint!! Thank you <3

  2. Wow those are big dreams for a 16 year old! I'm very impressed you've thought of your goals this specifically. At your age I was still chasing j-pop idols and not having a care in the world xD It's great to use your creativity, keep it up! One of my dreams include writing a motivational book someday :)

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