Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Rilakkuma Re-Ment

Today my order from modes-4-u arrived! I was actually super surprised to see it, as I wasn't expecting it for another week or so yet. Thanks modes-4-u!

Free gift to celebrate Chinese New Year -
what could it be? ;)
I bought 3 x Rilakkuma Chocolate cafe re-ment blind boxes, and one Hello Kitty Coffee Shop re-ment blind box. And I got a free gift too, which I won't reveal, in case you plan on buying something (which I SERIOUSLY recommend - this company rocks).
The Outback Koalas are modelling today, as they'll be using these sets to boost the upcoming opening of their as-yet-unnamed cafe!

Hello Kitty Coffee Shop - Set 9 of 12

Set 9 of the Hello Kitty Coffee Shop series contains a sweet little shopping bag, a bag of the HK House Blend coffee and a coffee tumbler. I love the detail on the coffee packaging, as the bag looks creased in a very genuine way. The lid of the coffee tumbler has a lifting lever, to prevent spills. Very cute, but I was slightly disappointed with the lid - as it wasn't of particularly high quality, and I can see the glue. I get the impression that the Hello Kitty sets are of a slightly lower calibre than that of the Rilakkuma sets. No biggie though.

Contents: Coffee tumbler, (tumbler lid), coffee bag,
shopping bag

"That is some shopping bag, dear..."

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe - set 2 of 6

This set is pretty darn cute - The cake stand is lovely, and the handle for lifting the cover is in the shape of a bear. There's also a trims sort of thing, a gorgeous big plate, a golden spoon and a huge cake slice.

Contents: Cake stand, cake cover, cake, cake slice,
plate, cake tray, cupcake, spoon.


"Can I have my dinner on this one, please, Daddy?"

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe - set 4 of 6

I love this one... The chick is really sweet, and I think Annabelle and Michelle are going to take speedy possession of it. There's lots of lovely pieces, such as a character-adorned fork. 

Contents: Plate, bread drizzled with chocolate, chick,
blob of cream, fork, coffee jug, chocolate drink.

The chick is MINE!

"And to my left we have a delicious chocolatey beverage..."

Manly enough for you, Charles?

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe - set 5 of 6

The final set... This one is lovely too, with two beverages, two cakes, a tray and a bag for your pastries. The lids for the drinks are very realistic - they look like shrunken versions of starbucks!

Contents: Tray, 2 x cakes, coffee mug + lid, frappuccino + lid, bag.

"Which one...?"
Well that's a bag of goodies...


Re-ment is adorable, and is an awesome place to start your collection. I'd go for the Rilakkuma sets personally, as I think they're a lot cuter and better quality than the hello kitty ones, but each to their own. Overall, I'm just very happy, and the Outbacks are too - they're all stocked up for a very successful cafe opening!

So happy!


  1. What gorgeous sets! I got two Hello Kitty sets, I was disappointed but the level of quality. The plastic they are made of seems cheap and thin - in the future I will be sure to get Rilakkuma sets!

    1. Aw, I'm sorry you weren't too happy with your sets :(
      Rilakkuma is so cute, and I'm really quite impressed with the quality. Almost too cute though... I'm a little concerned I might develop a habit!!

    2. Oh, don't worry - they are quite cute :) haha, I'm already on modes4u searching for which re-ment sets I want to get next! XD

  2. I love your sets! They look awesome, especially the cakes! :) I also just got Hello Kitty Re-ment sets, I really like them, but I think I'll also try Rilakkuma next time. If you want to take a look, what I got, here are the single sets:
    Oh and on Saturday I'll post a new SF story :D. Sorry for advertising ^^

  3. Too bad about the quality! But still super cute! I love rilakkuman thanks for a great review! Wait, now I am dying to know what the secret gift was XD

  4. I just love Re-ment! Their detail is so amazing. I have plans for a Rilakkuma or Doraemon cafe in my village but not sure when I'll get to it ><