Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New Family Profiles

This week has been pretty busy, as I had an English prelim on Monday and I have my Spanish prelim tomorrow... I have, however, managed to finally get round to some more family profiles, so I'm closer to completing the Family part of this blog *yay!*.

I've updated the Barker labradors, the Chocolate rabbits and the Harvey cats.

I have also uploaded the Hawthorn mice profile and the profile for my favourite new mix-match family in Glen Fallow: the Winter-Night rabbits.

In other news, Adrian and Patrick returned last weekend from a lovely honeymoon in Glencoe, but they haven't returned to work yet as... they have a new family member!
That's right, Adrian and Patrick adopted little Burl Timbertop from the Orphanage! Burl now features on their family profile, and I am pleased to say he is settling in really well with his two new daddy's.

Burl, the apple of his fathers' eyes.


  1. Aw, I love the new profiles! :D

  2. Lovely, I have been looking at your profiles a lot as of late, it makes me happy to see you updating them. :D