Osborne Bear Family

Left to right: Lorna, Arthur, Carol, Aidan.

FATHER Arthur is the history teacher at Glen Fallow Community school, an educational establishment he founded with his old friend Agatha Buckley. He much prefers teaching to administration and discipline, so he was firm in his decision to remain part of the teaching faculty instead of the senior management team. In fact, at home he also leaves any scolding of the children to his wife - he hates conflict!

MOTHER Carol dreamt since she was very small of looking after children who were in a bit of a pickle. Now she runs the local Children's Home and she adores her work, despite its frequent challenges. She feels very blessed to have such a large extended family of so many beautiful children!

DAUGHTER Lorna was named after a classical novel - or so her mother says. Lorna isn't particularly interested in reading, but she loves nature books with lots of colourful pictures of flowers alongside their latin names.

BROTHER Aidan is a sportsman - he is constantly playing some game or other; football, hockey, badminton... Not that he's very good though. Generally he gets over-enthusiastic and hogs the ball or hits the shuttlecock too high. He does work up a sweat however, and every night he is very grateful for his mother's cooking.

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