Mulberry Raccoon Family

FATHER Everett is happiest when fixing something broken. He has been known to meddle deliberately when things have been functioning too well for a long time!

MOTHER Kathryn likes to look after people to the best of her ability, and she is always checking up on the campsite residents to make sure they have everything they could possibly need (and more).

SISTER Lexi is a sociable girl who loves to meet the travellers staying at the family campsite. As a result she has penpals from all over Sylvania and beyond, so she is kept very busy with her correspondence.

BROTHER Atticus likes to read classic adventure stories in his spare time, and dreams of the day when he too can go travelling and discover amazing new things. So far his attempts have ended with a both his stomach and mother grumbling!

The Mulberry family live on their campsite in a cosy caravan.

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