Honeydew Rabbit Family

NB: Yes, Melody is technically a sparkle rabbit.
Pedants won't be tolerated however :P
FATHER Hugo Honeydew is a businessman, first and foremost, and a father second. This often causes a bit of friction between him and his wife, as he is always busy with paperwork and appointments - and perhaps doesn't pull his weight around the house as much as he should. His business is currently bidding to sponsor the future Rut railway line.

MOTHER Hermia Honeydew loves social gatherings, especially when she is organising them. She's held many a work conference and a community function at their mansion home, and she adores the planning that goes into every minute detail.

SISTER Melody Honeydew is the head cheerleader at Berry Grove School in the city of Rut. She's brilliant at performing, but she can often get a little bossy and impatient when things don't go quite to plan. Her friends all agree they much prefer Melody after a performance to Melody before.

BABY Mimi Honeydew has a remarkable voice for such a tiny girl. Her parents encourage her to perform at the parties they hold, but more often than not Mimi is just too shy to begin. At her local Nursery in Rut she's been asked to sing in the parent's day show, but she hasn't told anyone yet. She's too nervous!

The Honeydew family live in the city of Rut, but they visit Glen Fallow regularly for both business and leisure, as Hugo's sister Lindsey lives there with her family.

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