Cuoco Cottontail Rabbit Family

FATHER Alessandro is a top-notch chef, who cooks marvellous Italian dishes in the family restaurant. There have been many rumours throughout the village as to exactly what ingredient makes his bolognese so succulent...

MOTHER Amaranta is a woodland forager, she knows every type of edible plant, fruit and fungi there is to be found in the Rutlands. Her husband's famous bolognese dish wouldn't be quite so famous without her own little mysterious input...

TWINS Luca and Lucia are never seen without each other, or indeed without trouble. Their school attendance is haphazard to say the least, but their natural knowledge is way beyond average due to the many days spent truanting in the treetops.

BABY SISTER Bianca, known as "Bambi" (from the Italian word for child, bambino), loves to help out in the kitchen with her parents' recipes, but not nearly so much as she likes to help empty the freezer of all the "gelato" (ice cream)!

The Cuoco family live above their Restaurant, in Ivy Cottage.

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