Enjoy tranquil evenings in your very own plot at the Glen Fallow Campsite.
The Glen Fallow Campsite caters for holidaymakers from near and far, offering a respite for tourists hiking, biking or caravanning through the Island of Rut. This family-run business functions according to environmentally conscious ethos to retain the unblemished beauty of the Fallow countryside.

Facilities include:
  • Full toilet and shower block
  • Dishwashing unit
  • Space for 10 tents, 2 caravans and 1 campervan
  • 12 hour assistance from the on-site warden
  • On site cafe and eco-shop, the Eucalyptus
  • 10 minutes walk from the bustling centre of Glen Fallow

For bookings and further information please contact:

Mr Everett Mulberry
Glen Fallow Campsite
24 Rut Road
Island of Rut

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