Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Family

The Butterglove girls paused for a photo after browsing in the Dress shop
for a suitable ballet frock for the upcoming dance show.

MOTHER Cecilia has worked for Bert and Joyce Harvey at their village store for almost 13 years, and now she's taking over the business while the founders retire. She has brought up her daughter Beverley entirely on her own since she became pregnant at a very young age, but her grit and determination have made her into a magnificent mother.

DAUGHTER Beverley loves ballet, and hopes to join the professional dance academy in the City of Rut after leaving school. She's really rather good - and so she should be: she practices constantly - be it in the kitchen, her maths lesson or the school playground!

Cecilia and Beverley live in Ivy Cottage with the Keats family, whom they are very good friends with.

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