Blackthorn Bear Family

PATRICK is the postman in Glen Fallow. He gets up early every morning to pick up the post and deliver all the letters and parcels to their respective houses. Often however, he's a little late for the last few - he's very susceptible to offers of cups of tea and biscuits, and as a result he sometimes spends up to half an hour at each house, chatting to the women. He makes up for it though, because he has a list of everyone's birthdays and he makes sure to visit the houses with a birthday girl or boy first. And, of course, if he's then offered a piece of birthday cake, he certainly won't say no!

ADRIAN is the local climbing instructor in Glen Fallow. He championed the cause for getting a climbing wall installed in the village, and oversaw the fundraising efforts himself. He's now very busy giving classes, as the popularity has grown since climbing was added to the school's curriculum.
His best climbing student is Scarlett Renard, but they can often get into an argument because Scarlett isn't nearly as concerned about keeping the ropes neatly folded. It becomes a great source of frustration when Adrian finds a knotted rope, but he always forgives her in the end due to her winning smile.

BABY Burl is a new addition to the Blackthorn family, having been adopted straight after Patrick and Adrian returned from their honeymoon. He is settling in well with his two daddy's, who adore him so much that he is being spoilt rotten!

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