Barker Golden Labrador Family

Left to right: Ron, Zoe, Ellis, Sonny

MOTHER Zoe runs the Glen Fallow tourist information office, providing visitors and holidaymakers with the knowledge they need to get around. Since the recent surge in population, she has also undertaken the role of organising a job office for new migrants, working closely with Diana Keats, the real estate agent.

OLDER BROTHER Sonny has got his first part-time job giving tours to the visitors to Glen Fallow. He likes to wear his "Tour Guide" hat and take the tourists around the whole of the village, telling funny stories and interesting facts at every stop. He's so good with his patter that he often gets some very generous tips!

BROTHER Ron loves to eat. In fact, he would eat all day if his mother let him. He never seems to feel full, so Zoe has had to take drastic measures: putting a lock on the fridge and cupboard doors! She also persuaded him to join the primary school athletics club to lose a bit of his puppy fat. He's not too keen on the running, but he does it to get more food!

BABY SISTER Ellis is a very fussy eater, unlike her brothers, who will eat anything put in front of them. What with Ron's growling stomach and Ellis' refusals, mealtimes can be rather stressful in the Barker household!

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