Wednesday, 10 December 2014

NEW: Outback Koalas

My phenomenal best friend who moved back to Australia in 2013 sent me the Outback koala family as a Christmas present :') I was going to save them until the 25th, but then I was papering a room set for photo shoots and I needed a sparkling new (and willing) family to test it out :D I put them away again though, I promise!

So, introducing the Outback koalas, the newest family to arrive in Glen Fallow. They're currently residing in the hotel until a house becomes available.

Little Annabelle has already been enrolled into the Village nursery, and will begin her induction on Monday. She's very excited to meet some other critters her age!

Carissa recently gave birth to another little girl, but her name hasn't been decided yet. This happy couple would welcome any suggestions!

Unfortunately on the boat over to the Island of Rut, a suitcase fell on the daddy's head, and he can't remember his name! Can anyone remind him?


  1. What lovely photos! This is a gorgeous family, you are so lucky! :D
    Hmm, for the Dad, I suggest Richard and for the little baby girl, I suggest Melanie or Michelle :D

  2. Aww, very very cute! I love the Outbacks! For the father, maybe William because it is one of the most popular names in Australia. And I think Michelle is a great name for the baby girl too. :D

  3. They are so adorable! You make me want them! :D