Friday, 14 November 2014

New haul: photos

It came, it came, it came!
I had to go out in the soaking rain to retrieve it from reception, but no matter!
Sadly, because I had online lessons through the afternoon, and because Scotland sucks for natural light, I didn't manage to take any great pictures of my village with the new additions :( However, I did take a few snaps in the study, where the brightest light is. I promise I will get some classy shots, fit for your collectors' eyes :D (though probably not tomorrow, as I am climbing four munroes - yay!)
So, here we go. One at a time...

Fountain and Ornate Bench set

Literally every set I unwrapped today has exceeded my expectations. With this set, I was pleasantly surprised to find the bench and fountain were WAY bigger than I envisaged them! The bench is really lovely, and can comfortably fit two sitting adult figures. The fountain comes in two parts, the base and then the flowing water, which you just slot in. It looks gorgeous, and I love the slightly ethereal colour of the water. The set also comes with two magazines, one entitled "Herb Gardens" and the other "Herbal Remedies".

Chocolate Rabbit Baby & Cot set

In all honesty, I purchased this purely for the cot, which I needed for little Faye Buckley to sleep in. The reason I opted for this set was because you can't buy this blue-style cot separately, but boy am I glad I did! Little Creme is unbelievably adorable, I can't help but marvel at how clean she looks (which sadly won't last long in my dusty home :( damn you, dust)
The cot is really sweet, with a mattress and a little cover. The side comes down so that Creme can climb in herself.

Finally, there are two little drawers for Creme to keep her books in.

In fact, I love this set so much that I don't know if I can bear parting Creme from her beloved cot. Attachment problems on my part, or Creme's? :'(

Vegetable Garden set 
(Apologies in advance for poor quality images)

(This image includes items from the Family Garden set, 
and the seed box is a doll's house emporium item.)

Rupert will be happy tomorrow morning, when he wakes up, looks out his window and discovers... A vegetable garden! This set is truly fab, as it comes with a bed, a tap and hose, planters and a stand, a rake, a barrel and lots of yummy veg. The pumpkins are especially cool, both attached to one long strand of ivy-like leafery.
The vegetable bed and tap (watering can and fence not included)

The planters, and a barrel full of spare vegetables, already harvested. 
Look at the strawberries!

Deluxe TV set

This set was basically bought because I had money, and I wanted to get it to complete the Buckley living room. But, my goodness, when I got it out the box, it became one of my favourite items ever.

Looks pretty cool, yeah? But not amazing, you say? Watch this.

Twist this handle, as indicated, to the right, and....


The twisting dial, I don't know, it just made my day ^.^; 
The TV comes with 4 slides to slot in the top, but no batteries. Thank the lord we had two AAA's in the house!

And now, the cherry on the sylvanian metaphorical cake:

The Forest Nursery

Writing this I still can't quite believe I bought this! Not because it was something I dreamed of having, but because it was something I originally scorned at!
The reason: "That's stupid! I'd never let my toddler go to a nursery where they were encouraged to climb on the roof by a ladder made especially for their use."
But then I saw it on Amazon, for £12.50.
And I had money.
I bought it.

I'm not going to write too much here, because I think the pictures speak for themselves :D

Pretty cute, you can't deny. I love the tree doorway.

Close up, three little windows for the babies to peek through.

The detail just kills me.

This doorway goes onto the little stage, and is designed
for connecting the nursery with the double decker bus.
No, Niamh, don't do it...! 
So... tempted...

Ah, the roof I scoffed at. Who's laughing now? 

 The floor, because you totes need to see it.

And here it is: the Forest Nursery. Woe and behold, the power of advertising and greed is chanting my name, begging me to buy the Goldbache hamsters... For now I must resist. Mrs Renard is doing a smashing job for now.

Creme is on the swing ^.^;

(Try to ignore the quality on this one...)

They're fine, Niamh. Stop worrying.

See, Faye is up there too. 
"Noooo Faye come down right now!"

And I finish with this, the secret surprise (that I now ruin for you, mwahaha). Turn the piano round, flip up the back and - Hey presto! A blackboard for learning your ABC's!

If you came all the way, you may need to rethink your life values >.<;
Only joking. We all know that if we didn't have sylvanians, we'd be in pieces- or prison.
Lots of love :)


  1. Awww, I'm happy for you all the sets arrived! :D don't worry about the lighting, I know this problem too good. Here in Germany the weather is horrible since months O.o. The Tv really is awesome! Now I want to have it too :D. And the forest nursery is of course the best! I love the pictures of the little ones playing inside.

  2. Adorable!! <3 I have the TV too and it's amazing, I love that set. have fun with your new items :)

  3. Oh so cute!!!! Fallow is just toooo adorable, and so is Creme!!! Maybe you'll have to buy another cot- and another cot... IT'S A ONE-WAY ROAD TO MADNESS CREATED BY THOSE EVIL LITTLE CREME CHOCOLATES!!!!!! ;)

  4. Hahaha your scorn of the nursery made me laugh so much because I felt exactly the same way... and then I had to get it and now it's with me and I love it too! Great job on posting so many closed up for everybody to see!

  5. So many adorable new sets! I love it! The nursery is so adorable! And picnic time is on my birthday. ^-^